Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life; Paris

Life has been crazy lately.

I visited Connecticut, and had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and best friend. It took a lot of willpower to come back to Italy. I miss them so much.

Then I had a week of school. I was lazy and jetlagged. Nothing happened. Except I did treat myself to a pair of cute gladiators and a seafoam green top from H&M.

This past weekend, I went to Paris with my roommate. We watched one of the guys we stayed with almost get arrested for climbing over the gate of Notre Dame at night, drank along the Seine, took pictures in front of Jim Morrison's grave, ate lunch under the Eiffel Tower, shopped on Rue Saint Honore, visited the Louvre for free {Fridays, 6-10 PM for students under 26!}, and ate baguettes and crepes. Paris and NYC are battling it out right now for my favorite places in the world. I can't wait to get back to Paris, hopefully to live one day.

Now I just need to learn French.

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Everydaywoman said...

Are you back in Italy now? We just want to hear that you're safe. I just heard about the earthquake in Italy (Mon. 2:30 am) and have no idea if it's near you or not. Paris sounds incredible and I'm hoping you're still there or someplace safe in Italy. Just post and let us know!