Friday, July 18, 2008


If you live in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island--and can spare some cash for the train or driving--here are two really fun events happening this weekend.

1. Decor It Yourself yard sale in Brooklyn, with tons of crafting supplies and home goods
2. A Friend's Stoop sale, courtesy of Would you get a look at all those brands, some starting at $1?!

There was a third event, a craft fair in Providence, RI, but now I can't find the website where I saw the flier! (*Angry face*)

If it wasn't for being drugged up at the moment for getting those wisdom teeth out, I would love to hit NYC tomorrow to go to these sales.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The (Summer) List

Inspired by Gala's post, I decided to put together my own summer to-do list while at work yesterday.

- Go camping with my best friends
- Visit a theme park
- Watch "Gone With the Wind", and other old movies, with my mother
- Learn Italian phrases
- Eat a vegan diet for a week
- Start a journal
- Say nothing negative for a whole day
- Create a cute signature
- Be an intense photographer of my life for a week; post on here
- Sew at least two items of clothing
- Start a journal documenting my finances
- Go to a yoga class
- Let my iPod shuffle for a whole day, without skipping any songs
- Only think of others for a day
- Write a handwritten letter to my grandfather

What's on your summer to-do list? Please share!

Daily Outfit 8

The wisdom teeth come out tomorrow. Does that mean I'll lose all the wisdom I gained as they were growing in? (...ha, ha)
Today was my last day of chewing ability for the weekend.

Polo Hollister
Scarf Goodwill Outlet
Dress H&M
Leggings American Apparel
Sneakers Converse

Did you know that there is an update you can buy for your iTouch or iPhone? I had a giftcard, so that's the only reason I really justified it. But you can download all these free applications like language phrasebooks, AIM, New York Times news, Pandora, and It's really cool! No fashion ones yet :(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Polychrome Vintage

Hi lovelies!

I just recently opened an Etsy store, aptly named "Polychrome Vintage." There is a widget to the right side of my blog with the items currently available.

I decided to open this store for the same reason most people open vintage stores. One, because of my love to shop for unique, quality items that have survived the decades. And two, to keep consumption of new goods down (we really don't need anymore $5, Made in China, Wal-Mart graphic tees in this world). In the coming weeks, I will be posting all sorts of items ranging from clothing, to shoes, to accessories. (And I will also be updating the store whilst in Italy for the year! But more on that later.)

And for those of you intimidated to start buying vintage on eBay or other sites (like I was), take a look at the prices--most are cheaper than what you would pay for that item at your local store. I promise that all the items I sell are of the best quality, and will last many years to come.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please do tell ;) If not, check out the shop!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Daily Outfit 7

I've consumed enough sushi in the past two days to last a lifetime. Yum.

This is what I wore to go out for one of my biffles' birthday dinner last night (sushi). We even got to sit at one of those huge tables with soft pillows.

Dress My mom's
Necklace Vintage
Shoes Aldo

And that's all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Used Bookstore Mystery

While out exploring a nearby town with my parents last weekend, my mom saw a used bookstore across the street and dragged us inside. Typically I am not a fan of digging through used books, because I get discouraged when I don't find what I'm looking for and because of that smell that all used bookstores have lingering. But right as I was saying "Okay mom, let's go" my eyes fell on a simple black binder lying under an old fashion sketching book. I opened the binder, and was amazed at what I saw.

It was a notebook--a patternmaking notebook--of a fashion design student named "Barbara Larson." No dates are found on any of the pages, but I can only guess from the style of binder that it is from the 70s or 80s. All of the notes are handwritten and detail how to construct everything from pleats to a Peter Pan collar. There are even miniature patterns cut out and pinned on the adjoining pages.

Even though I no longer plan on pursuing an education in design, I had to purchase the notebook. How much was it? A mere $5.

The question of who Barbara Larson is still remains a mystery. The owner of the store explained how she bought it at an estate sale, so maybe that means Larson is no longer alive? I have found various Larson's through Google, but none seem to be at all associated with the world of fashion. Did she really love designing? Did she pursue this love? Was this just a night class she enrolled in to learn how to sew clothes for her family?

This binder keeps my brain flowing with theories, but one may never know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daily Outfit 6

...My brand new shoes came in the mail today!
This is my first pair of Aldo's, and let me just say:

- they are so freaking comfortable
- they are made in Italy?!
- they arrived rather quickly
- they were cheapcheapcheap!
- did I mention they were comfortable?

Of course, I already gave one a scratch. But I'm going to try and keep them really really clean besides that. They are my new favorites.

I wore this outfit to dinner tonight at my favorite Indian restaurant. Nummy.
Now I should get my butt working on my new Etsy shop! (More later!)

Oops! I forgot to post what I wore today.

Glasses Ebay
T-shirt School
Vest Goodwill
Necklace Tag Sale
Clutch Goodwill
Skirt H&M
Shoes Aldo

Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily Outfit 5

Blurry, I know. But I wanted to post a different picture than I did on Lookbook.

I honestly don't know what made me dress this way today. I guess I was channeling myself, four years ago (especially with the faded Ramones tee from that's practically purple).

T-shirt Hot Topic
Cardigan Urban Outfitters
Jeans Cheap Monday
Shoes Converse

The random three songs I've been playing on repeat? Sunday Nite in Glasgow by Dave P & Adam Sparkles, Don't Touch Me (Mike Mago & C-Code Remix) by Busta Rhymes, and Creator by Santogold. Funky music, yum.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yum Thai

I made this Thai Rice Salad today, after seeing the recipe featured on Vegan A Go-GO.
That podcast/website has been a favorite of mine ever since I became a vegetarian last February. The recipes are so easy and unbeatably delicious--even for non-vegs. This will be my lunch for the next few days!

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Why Hello

Dear bloggers/fashionistas/ members,

Can I be your best friend?

Love, Kayla

P.S. I visited after reading Jennine's post on it a few days back, requested an invite, and received one in my inbox the next day! I'm getting so inspired looking through every picture, but I'm especially loving the "occupations" each user gives his or herself. (They're silly!)


After searching online this morning for a similar style wedge as the Topshop ones I wrote about yesterday, I found these on Aldo. The best part? They were on sale with free shipping, and I found a promo code through Google for an additional 15% off!

I am already dreaming of all the ways I can wear these; I really have never been so excited over a pair of shoes before.

Now I am just praying that a size six fits me. *Crosses fingers!*

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Serious Lusting

Honestly--there is so much I would give to have this shoe (and the other) from Topshop. Plus, they're half off right now! The bright red color, wedge/sling-back style, and fact that they would make me a sweet 5' 7" makes me want them even more.

It reminds me a lot of these ever-popular Marni heels.

Too bad the Pound to Dollar exchange rate sucks. *Very sad face*

On a brighter note, Topshop's sale is perfect for those who have money (or a stimulus check) to spend! I spotted tons of cute skirts and dresses, too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daily Outfit 4

Whew, this week has been hectic!

I started my summer job at my local university's library. For the past two summers I've been lucky enough to have that job, but let's just say I would be lost without my iPod and tons of internet breaks.

Brights were on my mind this morning :)

Tank Top Old Navy
Tee Alternative Apparel
Skirt H&M
Necklace Vintage
Bracelets Vintage & Pandora

When I was photographing this outfit, "Get Silly" came on the radio and I just couldn't help myself--I grabbed my nerdy glasses and broke out into crazy dancing. Man, for such a white girl, I really love dancing to rap music.

P.S. If you have a Gilt account, please head over and do some (up to) 90% off shopping for me! I'm completely broke, but they have tons of cute designer items for really cheap.