Monday, April 20, 2009


Today was another gloomtastic, cold day in Firenze. I wish the sun would come back! It was in the 70s two weeks ago... Anyways, wearing:

White Henley Gap
Green scarf H&M
Black skirt H&M
Purple bag American Apparel
Tights Calzedonia
Black flats Aldo

These flats are at their breaking point. I have worn them more than any other pair of shoes since I've been here, and the straight-up incisions in the leather on the bottom of them prove it. I never realized how wonderful concrete and flat walking surfaces were until I started ruining my shoes from walking on cobblestone everyday.

Also, did you know that in Italy you cannot return clothing items? I bought this huge organic scarf from H&M only to find out it was square instead of rectangular. When I tried to return it, the cashier told me that I could only exchange it for the same type of item and price {unless she just meant that you can't at H&Ms in Italy...}. Good thing I found this green scarf to exchange it with!

I hope that wherever in the world you are right now, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Summer is just around the corner :D


tanya said...

I adore that green scarf--it adds a great touch of color!

Kayla Bon said...

Thank you! xx

Lizzybell said...

So pretty!

And the sky is not blue, it is down pouring. Oh well.