Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Oh hey, did you guys know that I'm secretly Stephenie Meyer?

October is so close. My favorite month. My favorite time of the year. Halloween! Lollipoptober & Rocktober.

I have never been apple picking before. {I know Abbie is going to see that and faint!} Isn't that sort of sacrilege since I lived near a bazillion orchards? Anyways, I plan on going this fall for serious since I loveeee all apples besides Macs & Grannies.

Wearing: Gap brown shirt, blue dress from Paris, H&M scarf, Laile Rowe obi belt, American Apparel leggings, random boots.

I hope you all enjoy your first day of October tomorrow!

{My mom sent me that pumpkin that's hanging in the mail a few weeks ago; I made him in 1st grade!}

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sounds scientific? Don't worry, this ION refers to It's Only Natural, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant located in Middletown, CT. Aaron spoiled me today while I was visiting him and brought me here for a second time. Once again, my expectations were fulfilled!

Some background information from their brochure:
"Everything is vegan except cheddar & mozzarella. We use filtered water, stainless steel cookware & all natural organic ingredients. We have never & never would use trans-fat or microwaves! Bread is baked here daily."

Sounds like the type of place only a veg would want to eat at? Nope! My boyfriend, a meat-lover, swears by their southern fried "chicken" a.k.a. triangular fried tofu bites. Even his family couldn't tell the difference. And let's not forget their focus on not only organic, but local ingredients.

Today I ordered a soy iced chai and a tomato and potato tart served over salad with goat cheese {a special of the day}. Aaron ordered the tempeh "crab" cakes with sweet potato fries, and the southern fried "chicken" to share. While our entrees came out a bit late due to a mix-up, the wait was worth it.
Aaron's tempeh "crab" cakes

My tomato & potato tart over salad with goat cheese

I kid you not, the sweet potato fries are the BEST I have ever tried, and I have tried many. Everything else was quite tasty as well. I am glad our waitress recommended the tart and chai!

Sweet potato fries -- The best.

Even if you were not a veg, give ION a try if you are in the area. You will never miss the meat!

386 Main Street
Middletown, CT

Monday, September 28, 2009


As previously mentioned, the IFB Dress Up Soiree inspired some major directional changes for My Polychrome Life!

I really am unaware as to why I have previously not chosen to focus more on what I truly care about: sustainable clothing and good food. Of course there are times I will not be able to contain the posting of a an amazing new pair of leather shoes I saw online, or my new favorite musical artist, but I want the focus of My Polychrome Life to really center around the direction I want my actual life to take. My dream is not to be the next Voguette; it is to work at a small company whose values and goals match up with mine when it comes to our environment as a whole.

My goal is to really start seeking out the greatest up and coming eco-friendly & socially responsible clothing and beauty products and sharing them with you. Part two of this goal involves my passion for great food. I am in New York City, the home of some really awesome food, so HELLO I want to start doing more reviews on what I find here!

I also will continue to share my city explorations, any other traveling I am lucky enough to do, and other random snipppets I feel important.

Please, please stick with me as I try to make this all happen! And of course, if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Natural Fresh Face

A few days ago, I saw a tweet by Teen Vogue saying they were coming to Union Square Plaza on September 22nd for the TV/Clinique Fresh Faces tour. No classes, the chance to get my make-up done and pictures taken, and free samples? Naturally I was there.

After waiting in line with my friend for just a little over a half hour and signing our lives away on a waiver form, we were whisked into the trailer for a quick makeover and photo sesh. We even scored a mini lipgloss {which, I'll admit, is too sticky for my liking} and mascara {which I love!}.

I was not happy with my close-up face shot since it made me look like a complete chubster. But since I wasn't there seriously looking to become the next "Fresh Face," I had fun!

Is anyone going to this event in their area? If so, I want to see pictures!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion's Night Out, NYFW, IFB Dress Up Soiree

Hello hello! So it's sort of been forever, I know. Last week was NYFW and I was busy trying to balance school work and fashion week volunteering! I also was able to attend the amazing IFB Dress Up Soiree, but more about that later...

My week began with Fashion's Night out. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. I had class until 9 and by then most of the activities I wanted to go to had died down. I even waited at Barney's with some friends next to The Row hoping MK&A would go up there, but alas they did not. Then we tried finding the Opening Ceremony & Teen Vogue block parties but failed miserably. We did get to see Isabel Toledo though!

Sunday night I volunteered at the Malene Grotrian show at the Metropolitan Pavilion. It was a great opportunity for a fashion week newbie like myself since it was a small show. We even got to sit down and watch, and take home a goodie bag filled with this new self-tanning mitt, lip balm, and Luna bars!

Monday morning came the Carolina Herrera show at the Tent at Bryant Park. All the volunteers, including myself, began at 7 AM by putting together the programs and straightening out the chairs. Before the show began, I was positioned as an usher a row away from Katie Grand and across from Anna Wintour and the Vogue crew. Rachel Zoe was also there...needless to say, I was a little star-struck even though I only saw them from afar. During clean-up, I swiped my first ever Daily, WWD, and a found Prabal Gurung Sharpie. No longer was I a newbie!

That night, I headed over to the Dress Up Soiree with Lizz. I cannot even begin to describe what an experience that was...getting to see and meet some of the bloggers that inspired me to start blogging in the first place! It was especially great hearing the panel; as each blogger went on, I finally decided what I wanted My Polychrome Life to be about. Stay tuned for some changes :)

Wednesday evening I headed back to Bryant Park to help out backstage at Doo.Ri. Let me just say that was one of the best experiences I have had thus far in this industry. Everyone was so patient and friendly, the models were the cutest ever!, and the clothes were just incredible. I have never once wanted to own everything in a single collection; I need everything from Doo.Ri Spring 2010.

My week of craziness ended with a short trip to CT and then coming back and being a goof with Lizz. Now it's off to the Teen Vogue/Clinique Fresh Faces event...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Between

The weather was beautiful outside today -- but the classrooms were freezing from the AC. Finally got to wear these flesh colored tights again...I love them to death. Also: can't believe fashion week begins on Friday.

Wearing Old Navy shirt, Zara vest, Levis cut offs, UO tights, vintage boots.

Look at my pretty linoleum floor color. NOT.
Off to watch my guilty pleasure that is 90210 {I heart Adrianna} and start on some reading!

Georgie Girl

Had the pleasure of meeting Georgie {aka George} yesterday. I can't wait for her and Pootie to be best friends.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Mint green earrings, crystal pendant, wolf necklace

Wow look at that super-awesome photo quality. Still trying to decide if I want to ask Santa for a new iPod or camera.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paying Less

The other night, I was browsing online and found these Alice + Olivia for Payless shoes on a few blogs. These also happened to be the first pair of A + O for Payless shoes that I actually liked. Scratch that, loved.

They were no longer on the Payless website which worried me, but I made the trip to the Payless on 34th and found them in my size! The new Christian Siriano collection was already out as well--I fell in cheap-shoe lust with these in particular.

This is my last purchase for a while now because although they are Payless shoes, they were not exactly in my budget.

Also, classes started yesterday! But I will update on all of them later on XD

Good luck to everyone else starting school this week!