Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buona Pasqua

Easter {Pasqua} was crazy here in Florence.

First, I woke up with the roommates to go see "Scoppio del Carro" or the "explosion of the cart." How this thing resembles a cart, I do not know. I do know that we obviously did not wake up early enough because we were incredibly far away from the exploding cart scene {hence, the awful pictures}.

Waiting for the cart to explode, not knowing what to expect.

Oh! It explodes with fireworks. Lots of daytime fireworks.

Very smokey. But, what would you expect from fireworks going off 20 meters in front of you?

Italy does not believe in dangerous fireworks near people.

Easter continued with H&M {twice}, Easter egg sandwiches, spumante, and an Easter feast for dinner. Could I have said "Easter" any more in that sentence?

No school tomorrow since it is a national holiday {not like that means anything around here- Practically every store was open today! Not that I'm complaining.} I'll be beaching it up in Viareggio. Ignoring my pile of projects, papers and job applications. Yup.

Happy Easter.

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Victoria C said...

Looks like a great display! I love easter celebrations. I wish I were in Florence!! xo