Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dino Jacket

I have fallen for this jacket by new designer, Erna Einarsdóttir, who recently showed her graduate collection at Lichting 2009 in Amsterdam. Part stegosaurus, part badass.

In other news...I'm going to be in CT until August 4th visiting Aaron and my bests!

Friday, July 24, 2009


While checking out The Uniform Project {a daily obsession}, I saw that Tara St.James had donated a piece for the project. I had to check out her Etsy -The Square Project by Daily Jumpsuit- and found this perfect "friendship" bracelet that is now on my wishlist...

In other news--I really miss Italy and I don't understand why Anna won The Fashion Show.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Safety (Razors) First

It wasn't until I began reading Fake Plastic Fish that I realized how much plastic I was actually consuming. Honestly, I think a lot of people don't--a plastic shopping bag here, a fast food fork there, a plastic water bottle over there. It's so easy not to realize your consumption of plastics. Plastic is EVERYWHERE {seriously, once you start thinking about it, you'll notice} and FPF shows her readers life-changing, but simple, ways to decrease this consumption of plastic.

This post really got me thinking about my use of disposable razors. I looked online a little for safety razors, but remembered that my Poppi is an avid user. So I called him up, and being the amazing grandfather he is, he shipped me his "travel" razor straightaway {with 10 blades!}. I then found these VEGAN shaving bars on Gudonya's Etsy for $3.25. I tried the whole process out yesterday and let me tell you, I love this plastic-free alternative {err, minus the plastic wrapping on the shave bars...I know, very hypocritical}. My new safety razor has given me the smoothest shave I've ever had!

Aside from this option being plastic-free, think of all the money you'll save: one razor blade a month {less during winter!} + shave bars for the rest of your life = a whole heck of a lot cheaper than disposable razors or refills. Granted, a safety razor takes some getting used to {heavier, sharper, doesn't pival} but if you take your time at first it's worth it in the end.

If you want to decrease your plastic consumption, pleast check out Fake Plastic Fish -- especially her "List of Plastic Free Changes to Date" which are truly an accomplishment. And if you find a safety razor at an antique store or in your grandfather's medicine cabinet, give it a try!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I found these beauties for $2 at a garage sale the other morning...real leather, made in Italy, perfect.

Also bought a pair of black leather gloves, brown fabric gloves, two silk scarves, and a cork board {for the dorm...my original intention of garage sale-ing}. Total cost of everything = $5!

I have no idea what to do with these scarves though. I always buy them when they have pretty patterns, but what am I supposed to do...wear them around my neck? I don't think so.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I once read that if you started using anti-wrinkle cream nightly at 18, it would help prevent laugh lines and crow's feet in the future. That article stuck with me and over winter break, I bought some CVS anti-wrinkle cream {with retinol}. Then I realized that a) you aren't supposed to wear retinol out in the sun - which I had been doing - and b) I had no idea what any of the ingredients were.

I received a free sample of this Ole Henriksen "wrinkle resistance" mouisterizer with a recent Sephora order and loved everything about it. But I just really wasn't ready to spend $65 on an anti-aging cream. The search continued...

Then, I was browsing Walgreen's clearance endcap the other day and came across Red Water Laboratories Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream {with Olive & Honey}. I knew I couldn't beat the $8.75 pricetag, and some other things on the box sold me as well:

- Made in Greece
- Active compounds: 'Thermal spring water {rich in minerals and trace elements that restore balance of the skin tissue}, organically cultivated olive oil {with nourishing and antioxidant elements}, honey extract {for nourishing and toning care}, sesame oil {with intense anti-wrinkle and emollient action}, vitamin A {against wrinkles}'
- Silicone & Parabens free
- Not tested on animals
- Glass container

The cream itself has a light scent and isn't too thick. I have fairly sensitive skin, and have had no bad reactions. If you're in the market for an anti-wrinkle cream and {even better} find this on sale, give it a try!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last night I went to go see Food Inc. at the Angelika with some friends {wearing a dress from Paris, thrift store belt, random necklace and bracelets}.

While the movie was not centered around becoming a vegetarian/vegan/raw foodie, it did make me reaffirm my choice to become a vegetarian. I understand that there are responsible ways to eat meat and poultry, and I encourage every carnivore to do so. The price of grass-fed beef may be expensive at first, but it will save you millions of dollars in the long run for future health problems people associate with old age, rather than what they have been eating their whole lives.

The film also brought to light other issues wrong with our food system today, from tomatoes being available year-round, to five conglomerates running the "family" farms we think of from years past, to these conglomerations keeping immigrant and other poor workers under their thumbs. These companies treat their workers just as poorly as the animals they farm. The issue of making healthy food available to people of all income levels is especially important; as the movie said, a bag of carrots should cost less, not more, than a bag of chips. 

It is worth every cent of the ticket price to see this documentary. If you're still not convinced, Chipotle teamed up with Food Inc. to offer free showings across the country. 

This documentary has changed the way I will see all food. I am not saying I won't give into that DQ Blizzard every now and again, but it has stopped me from turning a blind eye on how everything comes to be.