Friday, April 10, 2009

Embracing Your Beauty

Sonja just wrote another great post for The Coveted entitled "Embracing True Beauty and the Beauty of Giving Back." Here's the accompanying video as well:

I love makeup as much as the next girl, but it is definitely important to embrace who you are and use makeup to enhance your features rather than to make yourself look completely different. If I had a penny for every girl in high school who were slaves to straightening their hair, and wore enough eyeliner to cover the Washington Monument...well, I would have enough money to buy the Washington Monument.

It's funny how laziness on my part is really what helped me embrace my natural self. My straightener burnt out the first night I was in Italy, so now I only use my roommate's to straighten pieces out or completely straighten it every now and then to go out. Classes at 9 AM {it really is impossible to wake up before that here; everyone who visits Italy says that an inexplicable laziness falls upon them} has forced a very "au naturale" beauty routine on me...not that I'm complaining. The only time I really focus on my hair and makeup is when I go out on the weekends and have free time to play around with it.

Please check out Sonja's post. I hope everyone is able to see how beautiful they really are.


Sonjacovets said...

Thanks so much for the blog love, Kayla! So glad you enjoyed the post and video. It's so important to love every bit of ourselves; but it's often so hard to do that in most cultures. That's great that it's more mellow in Italy. I prefer San Francisco over living in New York, because we're not so image obsessed here, which makes life more pleasant. :)

And I'm way too lazy for a flat iron. I'm lucky to summon up the effort to blow dry my hair. hahaha! :o)

Lizzybell said...

Well Kayla, you are one of those lucky girls with beautiful features AND beautiful skin, so I think that helps.

But seriously, early morning class makes makeup seem so ridiculous. I don't know how girls can do full face everyday.

Love you!

Kayla Bon said...

Sonja - I wouldn't say everything's more mellow should see how some women cake it on! But for the most part young people do seem to appreciate a more natural look.

Lizz - Thank you girlie :) YOU have amazing skin as well. And those girls...I don't get it. They're crazies.

tanya said...

yay, thanks for sharing--can't wait to check it out!