Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Polychrome Vintage

Hi lovelies!

I just recently opened an Etsy store, aptly named "Polychrome Vintage." There is a widget to the right side of my blog with the items currently available.

I decided to open this store for the same reason most people open vintage stores. One, because of my love to shop for unique, quality items that have survived the decades. And two, to keep consumption of new goods down (we really don't need anymore $5, Made in China, Wal-Mart graphic tees in this world). In the coming weeks, I will be posting all sorts of items ranging from clothing, to shoes, to accessories. (And I will also be updating the store whilst in Italy for the year! But more on that later.)

And for those of you intimidated to start buying vintage on eBay or other sites (like I was), take a look at the prices--most are cheaper than what you would pay for that item at your local store. I promise that all the items I sell are of the best quality, and will last many years to come.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please do tell ;) If not, check out the shop!

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