Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daily Outfit 8

The wisdom teeth come out tomorrow. Does that mean I'll lose all the wisdom I gained as they were growing in? (...ha, ha)
Today was my last day of chewing ability for the weekend.

Polo Hollister
Scarf Goodwill Outlet
Dress H&M
Leggings American Apparel
Sneakers Converse

Did you know that there is an update you can buy for your iTouch or iPhone? I had a giftcard, so that's the only reason I really justified it. But you can download all these free applications like language phrasebooks, AIM, New York Times news, Pandora, and It's really cool! No fashion ones yet :(


yiqin; said...

Awesome. Those tights wit sneakers are perfection! Very nice pose too :)

Anonymous said...

love how you wear those purple leggings