Thursday, July 17, 2008

The (Summer) List

Inspired by Gala's post, I decided to put together my own summer to-do list while at work yesterday.

- Go camping with my best friends
- Visit a theme park
- Watch "Gone With the Wind", and other old movies, with my mother
- Learn Italian phrases
- Eat a vegan diet for a week
- Start a journal
- Say nothing negative for a whole day
- Create a cute signature
- Be an intense photographer of my life for a week; post on here
- Sew at least two items of clothing
- Start a journal documenting my finances
- Go to a yoga class
- Let my iPod shuffle for a whole day, without skipping any songs
- Only think of others for a day
- Write a handwritten letter to my grandfather

What's on your summer to-do list? Please share!


discothequechic said...

i love lists!

i think it's in our dna..

i need to read twelfth night
write letters to friends
NOT spend money(!)
and tempt the sun to come out.

yours is great, most of them are the same for me.

yiqin; said...

It is summer all year round for me :(