Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was hoping someone could fill me in on how to burn all of Photoshop onto a disk to put on my Mac? My roommate (who has a PC) has it and the code and everything, but she doesn't know how to put it on a disk. Is that even possible? Please help! :)


The Beatnik said...

I have a Mac and I'm pretty sure it's possible... but I'm not sure :( Is it a copyright thing? :) Maybe you can find it on the Adobe site or something... Photoshop aside, though, I love your blog! :)

Emily Rose said...

I'm not sure if this works PC to MAC, but it works for MAC to MAC. If you have a firewire cable (where both ends of the cable are firewire) you can hook up both computers and then just drag the entire photoshop program onto your computer. that's how I have microsoft word, office, etc.

Ingenting said...

you know that you can't use the PC version of Photoshop on a mac right?