Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday, I took city bus #7 to its last stop in Firenze with my friend to Fiesole. I had heard from others who have visited that Fiesole is breathtaking and in the spring and summer, a wonderful retreat from the city below. They were right.

We realized as soon as the bus dropped us off how much quieter and less congested Fiesole was. Every minute or so we might run into someone on the street, rather than every single second like we do in Florence. We found a free map at the Tourist Information center and began our journey to find the best pasticceria in Fiesole--Alcedo. As opposed to many bars in Florence, you could actually see the pastries being made right then and there in the back room (not trucked in from who knows where). The cappucinos seemed extra tasty as well. Five stars!

Next it was time to hike up a very steep road to see the actual views. Actually, the whole town consisted of steep hills that give you an excellent lower body workout. We saw a few people riding bikes up practically vertical streets and just stood there, jaws open. At the top, our jaws dropped once again at the seriously incredible views:
It seemed as though all of Toscano was below us. On a clear day, I am sure the views would be even better. ("Can we live here?" we kept asking each other. "I hate Florence!") Sidenote: A few years back, the students in our same situation got to live in a villa outside of the city but that ended after the bus drivers went on strike too many times and they kept having to miss their classes. A villa!

The Archeological Musuem was a short walk away, so we purchased our tickets for the musuem and ruins and went inside. Etruscan walls, churches, and altars were there, along with the Roman versions of each. There was a huge amphitheater, tombs, and even Roman baths (yay Latin class!).
The musuem itself held a lot of household items, pieces of murals, statues and more. Over at the Bodini Museum across the street was a great amount of religious artwork. After that stop, we walked around a little more and then called it a day, taking our bus back home.

Fiesole was absolutely gorgeous. I really hope I get the chance to go there again this semester. The town is such an oasis compared to the crazy city life of the center of Florence.

Next up, Rome? Finally?!

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