Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Two midterms down, siiiiick.

I came home after my polisci one tonight and made a large amount of homemade french fries for the apartment (trying to use up my food before Friday). I absolutely love making greasy food for other people.

Anyways, I made this shirt back in October when I went back to America for fall break, obviously inspired by Camille's post. I washed it for the first time last week and all the strings sort of got tangled, and it shrunk. But I still love it.

Shirt DIY
Skirt H&M
Tights Tezenis
Boots Goodwill


lizbeth said...

I started making one of those shirts out of boredom recently. Not that I really wanted one, I just thought it might be fun. It got kind of addictive, actually.

Anonymous said...

the shirt came out great!