Monday, December 15, 2008


Amsterdam, that is ;)

This past weekend was absolute madness. I could write a whole book on getting to and from Amsterdam; it was a mess. On Saturday, we were trying to go to the Heineken factory and got separated...and our phones didn't work. And I had to stay in Brussels by myself Saturday night...arriving at a deserted train station at midnight and trying to find a cab to take you to your hotel was incredibly scary, to say the least.

The good news: Amsterdam was beautiful. Our hostel was really nice--more like a hotel, in fact. The Van Gogh museum was incredible; it made me appreciate him as an artist much more now that I understand his life. I had a delicious waffle sundae from Ben and Jerry's. The tram and bus system was great. I really hope I get to go back there sometime and spend more than a day there.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of good pictures. Oh well.

Now I should be studying for finals, which I realized is physically impossible. I don't understand how people can sit there for hours on end, studying their brains out. I can barely sit still for 10 minutes! Anyways, I have four left to get through before I get to go home on Friday! I have said this a trillion times, but I cannot wait.


Lizzybell said...

I know this is weird, but when i was home I used to lock myself in the bathroom to study. There was absolutely NOTHING in there that could distract me (as long as I removed all makeup and hair products prior) and the thought of spending hours in the bathroom really motivated me to study. Now, I know you share a bathroom, so that might be hard to do... but I just thought I should share.

lizbeth said...

Mmmmmm that first picture. I'm starving.

Sounds like you had an adventure, but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Also, I linked you on my blog, so if you're into it, link me back :)

lin said...