Monday, December 8, 2008


Mmm, panettone.

Today, being the Immaculate Conception, was a national holiday here in Italy. Or so I thought...all the stores were still open and the streets were filled with people. The only thing holiday-ish about today was that there were no classes at school! I woke up late, finished watching Alice in Wonderland, and feasted on my mini-panettone which I added honey to.

This weekend=pure laziness. It was my last one here in Florence (since I will be in Amsterdam this coming weekend) until next semester, and the majority of it was spent in bed watching movies and t.v. shows. Tomorrow begins reviews in all my classes for final exams, then Amsterdam on Friday, final exams next week, Texas next Friday, and Connecticut the Friday after!


LML said...

that looks soooooo delicious!

Lizzybell said...
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Lizzybell said...

Why didn't we go to Catholic school to begin with? We could've had this day off for years! Can't wait for you to be home, baby girl :).

:( I messed up my other comment. ugh.