Friday, August 21, 2009

{Plastic} Waste, Day 3

I apologize for the lack of photos today...I got a bit lazy, and fortunately there was not as much to photograph.

Day 3:

Breakfast at Starbucks: A plastic "Naked" drink cup {but the smallest one!}, paper food wrapper
Lunch at Quiznos: Sandwich wrapped in paper, paper/plastic drink cup

Snack: Glass Starbucks Frappaciuno container
Dinner: Paper Napkin

I move in to school tomorrow and could not be more excited/nervous. I feel like such a tourist right now, as we are staying in Newark, NJ for the night -- but I can see the Empire State building all lit up!

What I have learned from this experience: planning really does pay off. If we all took more reusable bottles, and filled them up with water at each rest stop, we could have decreased our extraneous drink consumption {and calorie intake!}. We also could have opted out of using straws {what's the need?}, carried around a cloth napkin, and made more food ourselves to bring on the road or in our hotel rooms. I also would have preferred to eat at more family-owned restaurants, but I was not the one paying for the food...

Also, making more of a point to find recycling destinations is key. As I have learned, hotels don't care. 99 % of the time, they are clueless.

I encourage you to take the time to plan before your next road trip, even one thing like remembering your reusable bottles. Water is water, and free water at a clean rest stop is much better than $1.99 water at a gross gas station.


Farmer's Daughter said...

I carry a napkin in my purse at all times, and keep one in my desk at school.

Last night we went to a Republican Town Committee picnic (yes, I'm a registered Republican...) and I was so frustrated that there was no recycling bin for cans or bottles. Both my dad and cousin are running for town offices (my dad's been on Town Council almost my whole life) and I'm going to make a big deal at the next picnic to make sure there's recycling available. It was at a restaurant, so I was sure there would be. I wished I had brought my own water! Oh well, live and learn.

Good luck at school!!!

Lisa Sharp said...

Learning is the key and like you said you are learning what to do next time. :)

Lizzybell said...

Tell your dining hall to get their shit together. K love you bye!