Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{Plastic} Waste, Day 1

Well, my parents and I left for New York City this morning and made it to Tennessee, passing through Arkansas along the way. We also made a quick stop at Graceland...which is not as big as I remembered.

Anyways, I have to decided to blog about my waste consumption {primarily plastic} throughout this whole trip. The idea started with when I called each of the hotels we would be staying at and asked them if they recycled -- I figured that for a 3 day car ride, no doubt some glass, plastic, and paper waste would occur. Turns out, none of them do. One of the managers I spoke to {the hotel I'm in right now}, didn't even know what recycling was.

This is more of just an eye-opening experience for me than anything else. This is not including my parents' waste, just mine, but that will be more than enough as I can already tell from today. Hopefully I can use this experience when I write to these hotels, asking them to consider offering recycling, and why they don't already.

Day 1:Breakfast at Sonic: Plastic maple syrup cup, plastic-coated french toast stick holder, 1 paper napkin, Styrofoam cup, straw. Why I got a medium drink, I have no idea -- I never get more than a small, and a medium means more waste anyways.

We brought sandwiches from home for lunch, but they were wrapped in plastic wrap. I started to drink an iced tea in a glass container, and ate a plastic cup of pineapple chunks.

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant, but I used a straw in my water, 2 tea bag wrappers, and a paper napkin. I used this plastic-coated cup the hotel provides to take some medicine with including 2 Benedryl chews that come in individual plastic wrappers.

And this is just day one.


Anonymous said...

you remember when joey went vegeterian for phoebe when she was pregnant so things would balance out...I will do extra recycling for you.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh Kayla! I hope carrying around all this trash won't fill up your car too much. Also, how can someone NOT KNOW what recycling is? Just out of curiosity, what state was that?

You should email FPF and tell her about your project :)

Kayla Bon said...

Thank you Melissa!!!

Also Abbie, she knows! And it's TN :-\ And considering half of this crap can't be recycled, it's being dumped along the way.

Chel said...

Wow, you certainly recycle much more than I do...This might be stupid, but I thought you couldn't recycle those little french toast container things since they are all greased up with food and stuff. Guess not. :( Whoops...learned my lesson. BTW those french toast sticks look really good..

Lisa Sharp said...

I'm shocked someone didn't know what recycling was and I live in a small town in Oklahoma! I think I had heard it all lol.

Isn't it shocking how much trash we make each day?