Sunday, June 21, 2009

Juan Carlos

Meet Juan Carlos.

He is my new {organic!} jalapeño plant. Naturally, I had to name him Juan Carlos- J.C. for short.

{Maybe that was what JC Chasez stood for? Okay well I know it's not, but still.}

There are a few itty bitty baby jalapeños growing on him already.

Just hanging around.

There has been one causality so far. Rest in peace dear mini-J.C.

Must take care of this nonsense! Someone has been eating J.C. ... not cool.

He makes a mean taco in his spare time.


Lizzybell said...

Mmm I had jalepenos last night. So yummy.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Spray him with a little soapy water mix (a couple drops liquid soap to about a glass of water) to keep bugs away.

Kayla Bon said...

Abbie - Great tip! I will try that tonight...thank you :)

Leia said...

So cute! I want one! :)