Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Lately my life has been defining the word "exhausting."

Yesterday: My History of Costume final, watched Gossip Girl, tried "After 8" & Peanut gelato, began watching Atonement {again}. Note- Peanut gelato does not equal peanut butter gelato, unfortunately.

Today: Went to the Boboli Gardens and got attacked by gnats and flies. Met up with my roommates and a mutual teacher for a tour of her new apartment {which was absolutely amazing with its 360 degree terrace and crazy Dutch plants}. Ate a fresh baked bagel with jam at Mama's Bakery and then got chocolate soymilk gelato and mint gelato. Took a wonderful nap, had dinner, and packed...

I don't understand how I have so many things but my suitcases are overflowing and I still have to pack everything I wear within the next three days plus makeup and last minute electronic things. I'm terrified that since a BUNCH of students are flying out Saturday morning, they will be strict with the weight limit.

What I wore yesterday:
Necklace H&M
Top Pacsun
Shorts Zara
Flats Aldo

Last exam tomorrow...someone want to lend me some motivation?

And yes, I know that is sort of a boob shot. Or lack thereof.


Farmer's Daughter said...

You better watch those racy shots on the blog :)

I love that your busy days entail three different types of gelato. At least you're medicating all the stressful studying with gelato.

And the chocolate mint combo? Um, can you put some of that in the suit case for me?

Lizzybell said...

That necklace is HOT.

See you in 4 days baby!

Nikita said...

Ahhh excessive gelato and big bib neclaces. Livin the life, Bunz.

la petite fashionista said...

um peanut gelato sounds some kind of amazing? i'm terrified about the weight limit as well. 50 lbs or less is crazy talk