Monday, February 16, 2009



1. I would like to know why I get colds so often. I eat fruit and take my vitamins, dammit! I miss being able to breath out of my right nostril.

2. Cheap yogurt that tastes bad tastes better frozen.

3. I cleaned a squid in my cooking class today: broke the head off, pulled out the insides and bone, snipped off the eyes, pulled out the tooth, and cut it up. Turns out, I don't even like fried calamari.

4. I need to catch up on fashion week. Which I will do now, instead of reading about Aristotle for class tomorrow.

5. I would really like to be Viktor's friend. And speak Deutsch.

6. For goodness sakes, if you haven't watched this yet PLEASE DO.

P.S. For my Anthropology of Fashion and Desirability class we got to choose a project on pretty much anything fashion related, so I would like to interview fashion bloggers about their impact and the impact in general fashion has on blogging and vice versa. If anyone is interested, please let me know! I know this is a baby blog though, so I will be e-mailing a few of you about it too :)

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Sonjacovets said...

Interesting. I had no idea a squid has a tooth. Cleaning them doesn't sound like fun. Bummer. I love that video! Good luck with your school project. If you haven't already, throw out your request at Independent Fashion Bloggers ( – oodles of fashion bloggers chattin' it up there. :)