Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just in case you were wondering.

I started my second semester of college yesterday.

Highlights of it so far have been:
  • dropping Italian language
  • mini chocolate souffles and sparkling red wine {I dare you to try Brachetto D'Acqui; you'll probably die from its amazingness}
  • having Wednesday & Friday OFF
Low points:
  • seriously, why are there so many bimbos here this semester?
  • I'm very steadily becoming as broke as a board
  • it's raining and won't stop raining until maybe April {my rainboots can only look cute for so long}
I'm going to try to go to the Uffizi gallery tomorrow to get cultured.

1 comment:

The Frocker said...

I LOVE Brachetto d'Acqui!! It's the only wine I drink (and lots of it, which is why I limit myself).

It goes really well with apples and chocolate, in case you were wondering. :)