Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ecofest 2009

This past Sunday in Central Park was Ecofest, NY's largest gathering of vendors and educators all committed to our environment. Two of my friends and I went together and enjoyed the free samples, new information, and innovative ideas.

This man was repping the Science Barge which is currently docked in Yonkers. It is a "sustainable urban farm and environmental education center" that is the only one of its kind around here. With zero net carbon emissions, zero chemicals {ladybugs are released to eat the aphids}, and zero runoff, it is a complete cycle. I believe it is free to visit as well!

We also checked out the Organic Essence table whose products drew me in with their biodegradable paper packaging. As soon as I saw organic lip balm in a tube where no plastic was used, I was sold. {More pictures later on in this post} The shea butter is also packaged in these biodegradable containers.

This creature was promoting the new movie "The Yes Men Fix the World." I'm not sure how I feel about the trailer, but it has received praise from the Times, USA Today, and Newsweek.

And look at this precious adoptable boxer D: If I only I had an apartment...

Here is the lip balm which cost $4, and a free sample of the shea cream which was just what my dry skin needed, both in a grapefruit scent. We were told these are available at Whole Foods but obviously for a little more...

I also bought this bracelet from Yachay Wasi's table for $2, and each dollar went to plant a tree in Peru! Other highlights included: vegan acai-infused dark chocolate, a gift certificate for CO2 dry cleaning, trying Cell-nique which was gross at first but grew on me, and learning about the Catskill Animal Sanctuary which I will be visiting sometime soon!


Farmer's Daughter said...

That sounds like such a cool event. I especially liked the hydroponics picture.

Kayla Bon said...

Hydroponics...that's a word I should probably know!