Thursday, March 12, 2009


I absolutely suck at studying for midterms. While trying to, I can come up with 5,456 other things I "should" be doing instead of studying. So I do.

Aaron and his friend have been in Italy since Sunday. They left for Venice yesterday, though, and now I'm all alone again {until Saturday}.

  • I tried caviar the other night. Never again.
  • I think my big toe is dislocated.
  • I leave for Connecticut in a week.
  • I hate {Italian} Customs for holding my package hostage.
  • I love wearing sweats for 85% of my day.


Farmer's Daughter said...

Any chance you might stop by for a visit while in CT? You know where to find me :)

K.B. said...

Abbie - I'm going to try super-hard to come visit school, I promise!

tanya said...

I love sweats too--they're dangerous though...too comfortable and too hard to get me out of!
P.S Hope you didn't dislocate your toe, my dear :-)

la petite fashionista said...

customs sucks for holding your package! recieving them is the highlight of my week (my gramma sends me little things all the time)


Everydaywoman said...

I hear you're coming to Connecticut and may make an appearance at an awards reception to see an "old" teacher. If so, I'll see you there, too!

Can't wait to hear more about Italy! You know that everyone at home is SO proud of you!!!

lin said...