Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Beginning

Photo by loligense

Hello, blogworld!

A lot has changed in my life recently: I turned eighteen, found out I would be studying in Florence, Italy this coming school year, and dyed my hair back to its original color.

I wanted to start a blog (my third attempt: previously, The Sewing Bunny Wordpress and Blogspot) where I could really express every aspect of my life. This includes my love of fashion, style, vintage, the environment, baking, cooking, crafting, and spreading the word about new things I discover. I decided on the name "My Polychrome Life" because it perfectly describes this multi-faceted life I love to lead.

To the right of this post, you can find an ever-changing list of blogs that have continuously inspired me. If you are new to the blogging world, please have a look! If you would like to share your blog with me, please post a comment.


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la petite fashionista said...

YAY so glad you're back. i always enjoy reading your blog. im so excited for you that you're studing abroad in florence. it is one of the most amazing cities i've ever visited. sounds like life is getting quite exciting for you :)